Management Study Program

Management Study Program was established on August 20, 2000 by the Indonesian Chinese Marga Foundation (YMTI). Currently, the department has Accreditation A based on the PT Ban Decree dated July 24, 2018 No. 1905 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / S / VII / 2018. To produce graduates who have superior competence in the field of Management, it is supported by teaching staff both academics and industry practitioners who are experienced in their fields and have bachelor and doctoral degrees from the best universities both at home and abroad such as Gajah Mada University, Brawijaya University, Trisakti University, University Malaysian Science and Yuanzhe University in Taiwan. To graduate from the Management study program students must complete 147 credits, take three international certifications and a minimum TOEIC score of 700. The Management Study Program curriculum provides four concentration options namely human resource management, financial management, marketing management, and international business. The decisions of the Management Study Program are scattered and absorbed in the services and manufacturing sectors such as banking, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and industry both at home and abroad. Students are equipped with international certifications to work in industries with reliable instructors such as CIPMA (Certified International Project Management), CSMA (Certified Sales Management Associate), CFMA (Certified Financial Management Associate), and CRM (Certified Risk Management).


Financial Management Concentration

Students learn about planning, budgeting, inspection, management, control, search and storage of funds owned by the organization or company. The concentration of finance also studies the analysis of strategies and operations that can optimize the company’s financial performance, including investment and acquisition decisions.

Marketing Management Concentration

Students learn techniques in marketing a product as well as the analysis of strategies to be able to win the competition of business both in the local market as well as markets international

Concentration Management Resource Human

Students learn about understanding resource humans as assets of active companies, management and utilization through the technical analysis of the physical as well as psychological in order to give a boost the productive in order to achieve the purpose of the organization

International Business Concentration

Students learn about the theory, models of economics, methods, and procedures work on the activity of the business of international, cross- country and cross-region (MNC, state / D, SMEs, cooperatives, private). 




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I will forever be grateful for everything that I got to experience during my university days. I might have received one of the, best student, award, but I hope to be more than just that. I hope to be a student for life, and for all of us to be student for life too. For in university we were taught what and how to do things, but after this, we ought to figure out the life lessons on our own. It could be uncomfortably terrifying, but I hope we all find the life-long learning process a thirilling journey instead.

Viviyan, SM

It is another gift for me to unwrap it is another blessing for me to count. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Almighty God for granting me the strength ang courage to complete my undergraduate study at Universitas International Batam (UIB). I would also like to extend great thanks to my parents, family, dear Budi Lenggawan, lecturers, friends, and people who have supported me along the way toward making this moment a reality. The quote “don’t be the best” truly shaped my life and today being the best graduate does not mean what I did was flawless. There were times when I made mistakes, encountered problems, or lost my confidence, but those experiences helped me understand the learning process. We all make mistakes but I hope we won’t stop learning from each other and things that happened to us.

Finally, I sincerely present this achievement to my dearest parents who have worked so hard to give their children the best. Congratulation to all of the UIB graduates! You have worked so hard to give their cildren the best. Congratulation to all of the  UIB graduates! You have done your best to your life and to the people you love.

Linda, SM

I’ve been dreaming to be one of the best students of Universitas International Batam it’s beyond my expectation. For me, there is no other place that can be as comforting as UIB, ia a place where all the theoretical materials are blended well whit practical and systematic process. I have such a great 3.5 years of my life at UIB. There were ups and downs, but I managed to overcome it and all of those things successfully shaped me for what i am today. That’s why after gaining Bachelor Degree I applied for Beasiswa Pendidikan Indonesia LPDP that will take me to a higher place. I am officially an Awardee of LPDP wgo will soon join Master of Applied Finance at University of Wollongong, Australia in August 2016. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to say that all my greatest goes the board of lecturers and staffs of UIB for each of them being really helful, profesional and friendly. I also want to give thanks to my parents, brothers and sister who are always  there for me, in joy and sorrow. Not Mention, for all fellow graduates, I’d like to congratulate each of you for being so cool and amazing. We’ve worked hard all these time and should work harder afterward. Let’s enjoy this ceremony for a while and remember to keep going.

Kristie Onasis, SE